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February 19, 2011:  Anya 'visited' Padoro.

April 4:  We are pretty sure she is preggers.  A nice round tummy is visible.  :)

April 20-28:  Kittens should arrive.  12 weeks later, they will be ready to go to their new homes.

APRIL 24:  Anya waited for the Easter guests to leave.  She started to make her nest around 3:00 pm.  By 5:30, there were 3 little kittens.  We think there may be more.

April 25:  The final count is four.  There was a fifth but it didn't make it.  These things happen.  :(  It is very common but it still is heartbreaking.  Poor little kitty.  Anya was upset.  She kept petting it. 

     From what we can see, we have:  a soft grey kitten; a darker grey kitten with possible tiger/tabby markings; a definite tiger kitten and another possible tiger. They all have some bits of white.   Anya keeps hiding them from view.  In a couple of days, we will try for pictures.